Let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you really looked closely at your face?

Perhaps more importantly, when was the last time you really looked closely at your face without passing any judgement?

I’m guessing it was a long time ago…

When we’re constantly bombarded with images of the ‘ideal’ – whether that’s in adverts for beauty products or in flawless Instagram filters – it can be very tough to view yourself without criticism.

So when it comes to choosing which photos to pick from your branding shoot it can feel pretty overwhelming. You will usually end up with around 150 photos in your online gallery ( depending on the package), so will have some serious decisions to make around which ones you plan to use in your marketing.


Headshots photos of Al graphic designer
Personal branding shoot for Martin Cheung
Personal branding photos of the psychology school in Nottingham

These are my top tips for getting the best from your photos:


Remove the emotion


Try to think of it as a business decision. 

You’re choosing pictures based on whether you think people will connect and relate to them, rather than how pretty or fashionable you feel you look. This can really help to remove any negative self-talk. 

Imagining you are picking the images for a client and viewing them from this slightly detached viewpoint can really help.

Remind yourself of the goals you set for your shoot. What message were you hoping to convey? What emotions did you want to evoke? Keeping these objectives in mind will help you stay focused and select images that align with your brand identity.


Set aside enough time to review them 

Choosing the best pictures will require time and patience. It can help to dedicate a specific time slot to focus solely on this task, blocking out time in your diary if you need to.

Sometimes the best approach is to do a quick initial review, going with your gut instinct on the pictures you definitely want to rule out, before sitting down to do a more thorough review of those that are left.


Ask other people to do it for you

You will always be more critical of yourself than anyone else will be.

And everyone in your life will see you very differently to how you see yourself.

It can be really fascinating to ask a range of people to pick their favourite picture, or the one they feel is the best representation of the true you. I bet they all come back with a totally different picture to the one you would pick!

Ask friends, family and colleagues. And if you happen to know a graphic designer it can be really useful to get their opinion on it from a purely visual, what-would-look-good-on-a-website point of view.

Headshots photos for numerologist Lorraine
Branding photography session with Michaella in Nottingham
Commercial shoot in Nottingham for Megan Crook textiles

Remember, perfect is not necessarily best

Perfect pictures are not usually the best pictures.


Is your hair blowing slightly in your eyes? Maybe the gap in your teeth is showing? Or you feel your face is crinkling up too much when you smile?

All of these elements are what make you you, and will help the pictures to feel more like a true representation of the person you really are.

I always encourage my clients to just relax and be themselves on our shoots as it makes for the best, most care-free photos.

Your clients need to see your humour and your passion. If you feel like you look too formal on any given picture, then you probably do. Boring corporate headshots are not what we’re here for.

Personal Braning shoot with candle maker ‘Love Tamara’
Branding Shoot for Ad-cosmetology Abi Draycott in Leicester
Brand photos for interior designer Tessy

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