Hi, I’m Magda.

I’m here to tell you few things about myself but also to tell you why I’m doing this job and why you might want to consider me as your Personal Branding Photographer. I’m passionate, creative, fun, easy-going. I live in Nottingham with my partner and tabby cat Billy.

I love the great outdoors, sitting on top of a hill, dancing, art, and of course photography. You might have heard about my other business too – I’m a wedding photographer at www.magdak.co.uk 

I wanted to create business for people similar to myself – business owners who are their businesses. For people who have passionate stories to tell. For people who manage to break off the 9-5 to create lives they love ( through sweat and hard work).
I created this business to encourage you to show up and show off what you’ve been doing and why. I want business owners to take space and inspire others. I believe in passionate people who have the courage and vision to start something. We make a change.

If you are looking for passionate photography, that is reflecting you and it’s less corporate and more natural and fun, then let’s chat. I’m here to help your business shine, try it.