It’s been so long since I blogged, lockdown affected my productivity too.

Today though I felt some sort of spring energy and decided to share with you one of my recent Personal Branding Shoots with Nottingham-based jewelry maker – Clare from Bonearrow.

Clare is the designer of unique, meaningful jewelry made with crystals and silver. Clare has crazy talent and I’m in a huge amount of awe for the brand she created – wholeheartedly putting her personality and passions into it.

You might have noticed that Clare’s designs aren’t your usual mainstream commercial type. There is so much depth in it: each piece is handmade, using meaningful stones and processes –  I wanted to create a story with insight into how amazing each piece of Clare’s jewelry is.
Clare has great charisma, and I wanted to photograph her in a way that authentically reflects her personality and style – Clair says that everything looks better in black! 

The Bonearrow shop is located at Sneiton Market Avenues in Nottingham and that’s where the shoot took place. Clare befriended quite a few local pigeons so we had visitors spying on what we got up to – you might be able to spot a few in the pictures!

At the time of the shoot, Clare was about to launch her new line with moss agate stone so the shoot features lots of this beautiful stone which is used to symbolize new beginnings.

I loved getting to know Clare a bit more – she is so creative and easy to be around and chat openly about life, work, running a business in a pandemic, and being weird and cool with it. If you are looking to add meaning to the jewelry you wear I would highly recommend you check her out in the places below:



If you are a passionate jewelry maker and would like to arrange your Personal Branding Shoot, get in touch with me, here.