In this digital age, nearly everyone has an online presence and consequently a personal brand. Between facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and twitter – there is a platform for everyone. 

Personal branding conveys you and your brand visually. Personal branding photography reflects your unique values, personality, tone and style. Through branding photography, you provide your customers with an exclusive opportunity to get to know you, what you stand for and what it is like to work with and interact with you. In doing so you can develop an online presence and a community, which in turn helps to grow your brand and attract ideal clients. 

With so many active users – your social media platforms are the perfect place to market your business. 

The images you choose to share will allow your audience to get to know you and your brand on a deeper and more meaningful level – building trust and brand credibility.  

The photos you acquire on a personal branding shoot are suitable for a multitude of purposes, making it the perfect business investment. 

Ways to use your personal branding photography

About Page.  

By including a photo on your about page you instantly put a face to a name. This helps to humanise your brand and allows your customer to form a connection with you

Your about me page is ultimately where customers can find out who you are. As emotional buyers people like to put a face to a name – this helps to build brand credibility and confidence in you and your brand. 

This is the perfect place to include a high-quality personal brand image – remember that first impressions count. 

Social Media

You will have endless content you can confidently post onto your socials. I don’t know about you but I have definitely been guilty of recycling photos of myself from 2017. After a personal branding shoot you will have professional, polished and branded photos to update and freshen up your social platforms.  

Throughout your website. 

Showing up throughout your website, whether that be your face, lifestyle photos or flat lays enable people to make a connection with you and your brand. Visual buying is on the rise and therefore, it is great to place branded and authentic photos on your website where appropriate. 

Emails. Showing your face or including a Flat Lay is an easy way to brand your emails and add a little bit of fun and excitement to your mail list. In doing so you will instantly make your emails and brand more memorable.

Linkedin and PR. 

You want to showcase your best self, especially when networking and PB shoots facilitate this. Customers want to trust that you are professional and an expert in your field and PB headshots help to do this by boosting your reputation and credibility. 


Images can enhance any blog post, making them the perfect addition. The additional visual content adds appeal to your blog post on an aesthetic level, encouraging views. Through the use of appropriate and high quality images, you have the opportunity to convey the writing and topic on a deeper level. 

Business cards. Including an image of yourself on your business cards is an instant way to make yourself more memorable to potential customers. A lot of people hand out business cards, therefore including a photo is an effective personalized touch!

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